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تجميع وظائف مصر بعدد كبير من التخصصات المختلفة اليوم الاحد 24-10-2021
تجميع وظائف مصر بعدد كبير من التخصصات المختلفة  اليوم الاحد 24-10-2021
** نعرض فيما يلى وظائف مجمعة اليوم الاحد 24 اكتوبر 2021 : ** MARKETINGEXECUTIVE Baheya Foundation is hiring the following positions: – Senior Fundraising Specialist – Senior MarketingExecutive ** Send your c.v to : HR.Foundation@Baheya.org - and please mention “Position” in E-mail subject. ** PURCHASING SPECIALIST – INTERNAL AUDITOR Baheya Foundation is hiring the following positions: – Senior Purchasing Specialist – Senior Internal Auditor ** Send your c.v to : HR.Foundation@Baheya.org - and please mention “Position” in E-mail subject. ** موظف استقدام عماله مطلوب موظف استقدام عماله – خبره في مجال الاستقدام (سنتين حد ادنى). – اجادة برامج الاوفيس. – اجادة اللغه الانجليزيه كتابه وتخاطب. – التعامل مع المكاتب الخارجيه. (دول شرق اسيا – ودول افريقيا). – المعرفه في برنامج مساند وبرامج الاستقدام. – اعداد التقارير والنماذج الخاصه بالاستقدام. – حسن المظهر واخلاق عاليه. – جاهز للسفر في اي وقت للدول التي يتم الاستقدام منها • موقع العمل: 6 اكتوبر – الجيزة ** ارسال السيرة الذاتية على m.elahwal.eg@ifm.com.sa مع كتابه “موظف استقدام عماله” بخانه الموضوع ** TRAINER - Trainer is urgently needed. Requirements: – At least 1 year of experience in call center training – Very good command of english – Bachelor degree – TOT holders are preferred Location: Maadi – Abassia If interested kindly send your CV to Nawal_aAtta@atheelcc.com and mention the job title in the subject . ** RECRUITMENT SPECIALIST - Recruitment_Specialist / -Senior - Recruitment_Specialist are required • For a leading Manufacturing Plant located in 10th of #Ramadan industrial zone. • Job Description : -Prepare, follow and update the annual Manpower plan -Responsible for the full recruitment cycle for White & Blue collars -Hands-on experience with full-cycle recruiting using various interview techniques and evaluation methods -Suggest proper channels for approaching the right calibers -Create a pool of qualified candidates in advance of need. -Screening, Interviewing and selecting the most qualified candidates -Provide shortlists of qualified candidates. -Responsible for orienting and explaining the strategy of the company to the new employees. -Document interviews results (accepted/rejected/waiting, etc…) for future analysis. -Attending Job Fairs. -Conduct exit interviews for the resigned employees. Requirements : * Bachelor degree * Excellent command of English * 3-8 years of experience in Recruitment * Residents of near areas to 10th of Ramadan City ** Please send your CV to: maggie.boushra@gmail.com with (job code: Ramadan-Recruit) **أمين مخزن ، محاسب ، مسئول استلامات- مبيعات متاح حاليا وظائف أمين مخزن ، محاسب ، مسئول استلامات شركةكبرى عاملة في مجال الريتيل الموقع ٦ أكتوبر مطلوب موظفي مبيعات داخلية شركة تكستايل كبرى **الموقع الشيخ زايد – ٦ أكتوبر **ارسال ال cv مباشرة على ايميل careerspin2020@gmail.com **TALENT ACQUISITION FlairsTech is hiring a Talent Acquisition -1 to 3 years experience – Fluent English -Experience in mass hiring is a plus If you are interested send your CV to Rawan.Amer@FlairsTech.com **QUALITY ENGINEER `Great opportunity in Global Banding Company “Quality Engineer” Requirements Degree in quality, industrial, or mechanical engineering. Experience Required: 0-2 years Very good English is a Must Excellent project management skills Strong communication and interpersonal skills Strong analytical and problem-solving skills Quality Engineer Responsibilities: Developing and implementing quality standards. Developing and implementing quality control systems. Monitoring and analyzing quality performance. Inspecting and testing materials, equipment, processes, and products to ensure quality specifications are met. Collaborating with operations managers to develop and implement controls and improvements. Ensuring that workflows, processes, and products comply with safety regulations. Investigating and troubleshooting product or production issues. Developing corrective actions, solutions, and improvements. Reviewing codes, specifications, and processes. **Job Details - Days: From Saturday to Thursday - Location: Anshas, Sharkia - Industry: Plastic and chemical - Benefits Social security Medical Insurance Transportation Residence Career Bath **To apply: Send your CV to: HRBP@globalbanding.com “Mention the job code (QE01) in the subject to avoid Your Message neglection ” **TECHNICAL OFFICE ENGINEER United Brothers for Trading and Construction “UBTC” is #Hiring Technical Office Engineer **Job Requirements • Previous experience in a Construction company 3 Years. • Strong engineering background and knowledge of Egyptian engineering standards. • Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering. • Ability to produce technical drawings. • High skills in AutoCAD, MS office. • Good English language skills (written and spoken). • Excellent problem solving, analytical skills and attention to detail. • Experience in pricing and bill of payment certificates. **Job Description – Assisting in preparing a preliminary study for the project with the director of the technical office according to the contract documents and preparing a summary statement of all the submissions of the technical office to finish the project according to the contract – Assisting the director of the technical office in preparing a detailed statement of all the work of the technical office – Shop Drawing – Managing the invoice of subcontractors – QS – Work Area Out of Cairo . careers@ubtc.com.eg and mention The job title in the subject ( Mandatory) FINANCE MANAGER I’m looking for Finance manager with only 10 yrs of experience (food production background) CFA certificate (preferred) pls if you meet the above requirements send your resume to iman.farid@dmediaadv.com PHP LARAVEL DEVELOPERS – FRONT END DEVELOPERS-UI/UX DESIGNERS In my company we requiring 3 php laravel developers 1 to 3 years of experience 3 front end developers And 2 ui/ux designers **No remotly supported Location is in nasr city **akhlalid@malcoo.com ** موظف عمليات شركة مايلرز للشحن تطلب للتعيين “موظف عمليات” بمنطقة الغردقة -مسؤول عن ادخال البيانات و فرز و تعبئة و تغليف الشحنات المطلوب: مؤهل عالى يشترط التفرغ – يشترط موقف محدد من التجنيد خريجين جدد جيد في اللغة الإنجليزية. مهارات تواصل جيدة جيد في استخدام برامج الكومبيوتر و ال Excel **للتقدم للوظيفة يرجى أرسال السيرة الذاتية إلى recruitment@mylerz.com مع كتابة (موظف عمليات) في عنوان الايميل **SENIOR DOTNET DEVELOPER NASPS is currently looking for senior DotNet developer to join our IT team requirements: min 3 years of experience as *software developer (.NET)* Excellent knowledge with C#, JavaScript, SQL and MVC Bachelor degree of computer science or communications or programming specialty – Benfits: attractive package transportation provided medical and social insurance lunch allowance – Work Location: First Settlement, Cairo **if you have the qualifications required don’t hesitate to contact me or send me your C.V eh.khalaf@nasps.org.eg ** SALES AGENT We Are Hiring for one of our clients. #Senior_sales_agent worked as *primary broker* is a must . # Working_Days : 2 days off . 8 hours # Salary : from 5000 to 7000 ( Net Salary) +Commission # Location: New Cairo Job Requirements: – Market knowledge: New Capital – Experience Needed: 2+ Year – Good in English – Strong sales skills, Very presentable. Main Duties: Property buyer/sellers lead generation through journals, real estate portals, referrals, and any others to generate leads. If you are interested please send your updated CV to hrnourhan2020@gmail.com And mention (primary broker) in the subject ACCOUNTANT We are hiring to: Accountant – New graduate Bachelor’s degree of Commerce – Accounting – Overall Grade: Good Experience 1 : 5 years Head Office: Cornish El #Maadi, #Cairo Tel. & WhatsApp: 01007361255 – 01023515373 – 0227027758 Send your CV. to: hr@nourmedical.com **اخصائي متابعة عملاء مطلوب للتعيين بشركة اسبرانزا للملابس الجاهزة بالعبور بأحد مصانعها: اخصائي متابعة عملاء الشروط. مؤهل فوق متوسط او مؤهل عالي خبرة اساسيه في الاكسيل لايقل عن ٢١ سنة وبحد اقصي ٣٥ سنة خبرة من 0 الي سنة الوظيفة للاناث فقط مميزات الشركة : • تأمين اجتماعي وصحي • وسيلة انتقال من اقرب مكان لمحل الاقامة • سلف شهرية • مزايا عينيه ومنح في المناسبات • اجازات سنوية واجازات رسمية ومتاح ساعات عمل اضافي • صندوق زمالة لمواجهة الازمات والمناسبات للالتحاق يتم ارسال ايميل على m.elhangour@esperanzaeg.com مع كتابة المسمي الوظيفي الوظيفة(اخصائي متابعة عملاء) او الاتصال علي الرقم التالي ٠١٠٢٥١٦١٦٠٢ مراجع مالي مطلوب مراجع مالي لشركة اسبرانزا للملابس الجاهزة بالعبور . – خبرة 5 سنوات في مراجعة الحسابات والميزانيات والضرائب بمختلف أنواعها. – على دراية جيدة بالتكاليف والعمليات الداخلية وطرق المراجعة المختلفة. – على دراية تامة ببرامج الحسابات. – يفضل خبرة في مجال الملابس. – بكالوريوس تجارة. – يفضل للمتقدم أن يكون قريب من العبور. المميزات:- – تأمين طبى واجتماعي. – مجموعة من المزايا الداخلية. – أجازة يوم الجمعة. م للتقديم: ارسل سيرتك الذاتية موضح في عنوان البريد (مراجع داخلي) على البريد التالي:‏m.Elhangour@esperanzaeg.com **RETAIL AGENTS Etisalat Misr is hiring #Retail agents **Requirements: -Males and Females -Graduates only and completed the military -V.good english level **Benefits: -Social and medical insurance -VPN line from etisalat -Rotational shifts (8hrs) -Rotational days off (2 days) -Salary 3000+ 500 kpis -Location: Cairo **To apply kindly send me your cv with a picture on mariam.mostafa@etisalat.com and mention Retail **FULL STACK DEVELOPERS We are hiring for a Tech Startup in Netherlands! Position: Full Stack Developers **Requirements: Definition of the requirements we are looking for in the FullStack developer. ● FrontEnd skills ○ Perfect knowledge of Javascript on the new ES6/ES9 and above variants. ○ Experience working with Angular / AngularJS or similar frameworks, e.g.: VueJS, ReactJS, etc. ○ Experience consuming REST APIs and perfect understanding of the RESTful architecture. ○ Experience and understanding of using package managers, e.g.: NPM or Yarn. ○ Experience and perfect knowledge of writing Unit/Functional/Integration tests for their code. ○ Perfect understanding of Microservices architecture. ○ Perfect understanding of WebSockets. ○ Perfect understanding of NO-SQL Databases. ● BackEnd skills ○ Perfect knowledge of PHP and Node.js. ○ Experience and understanding of using package managers: Composer and NPM or Yarn. ○ Experience working with PHP Symfony framework or similar PHP frameworks, e.g.: Laravel, Zend Framework, Yii, etc. ○ Experience working with O.R.M. libraries either for PHP or Node.js, e.g.: DoctrineORM, EloquentORM, Sequelize, Mongoose, etc. ○ Experience creating and consuming REST APIs and perfect understanding of the RESTful architecture. ○ Perfect understanding of Microservices architecture. ○ Perfect understanding of NO-SQL Databases. ○ Experience working with MongoDB. ○ Experience working with 3rd party API in eCommerce, Messaging, Reporting etc. ○ Experience and perfect knowledge of writing Unit/Functional/Integration tests for their code. ○ Experience and understanding of local development environments and tools like: Docker, docker-compose, vagrant, etc. ○ Knowledge on Docker, Kubernetes, ELK, RabbitMQ, XMPP will be highly appreciated. ○ Experience or knowledge of nginx will be highly appreciated. ● Other technical skill ○ Experience and perfect understanding of Git and Bitbucket. ○ Experience with code reviews and pull requests. Working hours: 40/ work Work Type: Full time “remotely” Salary avg: € 2000 **For interested candidates, kindly send your CV to Career@hiredhr.net **STORE KEEPERS- STOCK CONTROLLERS – WMS USERS – TALENT & OD SPECIALIST One of Marbella Group Subsidiaries – Logistics Sector – 6th of October City is hiring : – Store Keepers/ Warehouse Mens – Stock Controllers – WMS Users – Talent & OD Specialist – Fresh Graduates **We’re glad to join our entity, Kindly send your CV to shaltoot@alfa-logistics.com Mentioning the job title in the subject. **HR & ADMIN ASSISTANT MANAGER We are seeking HR & Admin Assistant Manager with the following Requirements: ○ 3-5 years of proven work experience as an HR administrative assistant and office management with experience in training , recruitment and onbaording and employee relations ○ Flexible to work based on USA’s working days , hours , offs and schedules ○ Able to commute easily to Misr el Gedida /Montaza Heliopolis ○Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration or in Management. ○ Fluent English with excellent communication skills . ○ People-oriented and results-driven. ○ Excellent MS office skills. ○ Knowledge of labor legislation. ○ Excellent organizational , time-management skills and team-work skills ○Proactive with excellent communication skills **If you are interested and see yourself the perfect fit for this position, you can send your resume to Yasmine@profolio.work adding “HR and Admin Assistant Manager” in the email subject line **DUTY MANAGER Andalusia Group for medical services looking for talented to join our team in Andalusia Maadi Hospital *Position: “Duty Manager” *Job Brief: • Incident management, investigation and reporting. • Monitoring and managing staff operations on daily basis • Communicating and coordinating among different departments inside the hospital. • Implementing and supervising the operations’ schedules. *Requirements: • Faculty of medicine • preferably with Hospital management Diploma • 1_2 years of Experience • Advanced Communication Skills • Maximum age: 35 Work location: Maadi, Cairo Work Conditions: full timer **if interested kindly send your CV to future@andalusiagroup.net or ahmed.dowair@andalusiagroup.net , Mention the job title **DIGITAL MARKETING EXECUTIVE Digital Marketing Executive is Needed at Dunkin Donuts Egypt! **Requirements : -Bachelor’s Degree in business administration or any related discipline. -2-3 years of experience in Digital Marketing: -Google AdWords, Search Engine Marketing, Email Campaigns, and the associated tools. -Excellent command of English & French (spoken and written) is a MUST -Proficiency in Microsoft Office Applications and Internet researching. -Excellent communications & time management skills. -Ability to perform and accomplish multiple tasks. Meet deadlines with minimal supervision. **If u are Interested please send your Updated Resume to ”hasnaa.m.ezzalden@gmail.com ” **SALES ENGINEER For immediate hiring in Mohandessin (Sales Engineer) **Job Description: -Research ongoing projects in the Market and reach out to potential customers; virtually and on site – Prepare, send and negotiate offers – Follow up collections and readings in order to achieve targets. – Prepare required reports and analysis **Job Requirements: – 0-2 years of experience in sales and marketing – Ability to use Autocad (3Dmax is a plus) – Graduated only – Should have leadership personality – Speaking and selling skills, good customer treatment and problem solving – Ability to work independently and as part of a team – At least very good verbal and written English level – Communication skills **If you are interested, send your updated resume to: s.elsayed@hoffenegypt.com, mentioning the job title in the mail subject. **LEGAL AFFAIRS SPECIALIST Looking for a Senior Legal Affairs Specialist with 10 to 12 years of experience Full-time job Location: New Cairo Job Code: L1 **nterested Candidates to send their resumes to thejobhunters@outlook.com mentioning the job code in the subject line ** 3D MAX VISUALIZER Construction company in New cairo is currently hiring: _ 3d max visualizer (2_3 years experience) Interested candidates please send your CV and portofolio at bluegreenlife@hotmail.com **CONTENT WRITERS -SOCIAL MEDIA SPECIALIST A Leading real estate company in Europe in looking for: -2 Professional content writers (English & Arabic) -Social media specialist (page manager) **To work from the company office in Egypt – Dokki. Content writer job description: -Produce well-researched content for publication online and in print in both Arabic and English -Organize writing schedules to complete drafts of content or finished projects within deadlines -Utilize industry best practices and familiarity with the organization’s mission to inspire ideas and content -Write clear marketing copy to promote our products/services -Follow an editorial calendar, collaborating with other members of the marketing team -Develop related content for multiple platforms, such as websites, email marketing, product descriptions, videos, blogs, presentation and social media apps -Monitor and analyze the performance of key performance indicators (KPIs) to offer suggestions for improvement -Use search engine optimization (SEO) strategies in writing to maximize the online visibility of a website in search results -Coordinate with marketing and design teams to illustrate articles -Ensure all-around consistency (style, fonts, images and tone) -Update website content as needed Social media specialist job description: -Develop, implement and manage our social media strategy -Manage and oversee social media content -Measure the success of every social media campaign -Stay up to date with the latest social media best practices, technologies, analyze competitor and our page -Use social media marketing tools -Work with copywriters and designers to ensure content is informative and appealing -Collaborate with Marketing, Sales and Product Development teams -Monitor our social media apps comments and messages and reply them on time -Communicate with industry professionals and influencers via social media to create a strong network -post and schedule daily posts on time per the analysis for the best practice -Provide constructive feedback -prepare data required for company from presentation, posts, follow up, special requests -cooperate with the team for any requests -collect informative data to be used for posts, and presentations. -prepare the required for marketing categories such as offline marketing and digital marketing For whom interested, kindly send CV to: info.eg@swefland.com Deadline: Sunday 24th of October, 2:00 pm ELT FINANCIAL DIRECTOR MILKY’S is Hiring #Financial_Director for our Head Office located in Zayed – Giza Reports to CFO Job Description • Oversee the financial strategic planning of the company by evaluating its performance and potential risks. • Perform regular financial analysis. • Develop budgets that meet the requirements of company departments. • Establish targets and manage all accounting and finance employees including management accountants and internal auditors. • Supervise all audit and internal control processes. • Prepare detailed reports on the company’s financial performance. • Guarantee compliance with financial laws and guidelines. • Recognize patterns in company spending, revenue, and recommend solutions to any problem areas. • Coordinate with external financial entities on behalf of the company. Requirements • Bachelor’s degree in accounting, finance, or relevant field. • More than 15 Years of Experience in Financial Management (Dairy or food industries experience is most welcome) • In-depth knowledge of accounting software, corporate principles, and financial analysis. • Excellent communication and interpersonal abilities. • An analytical mind with good organizational skills. • Outstanding leadership skills. If you are interested, please send your resume to Wael.fattouh@milkys.net And don’t forget to mention #Financial_Director in the subject of the mail EXPORT OPERATION OFFICER Shipping Company located in 5th avenue is Currently Hiring ” Export Operation officer : • Requirements : * females Only. * 1-2 Years of Experience. * Excellent in English. * Excellent communication skills. * Time management. * Cairo residents only. • If You Are Interested Send Your CV To : maryam.salama89@gmail.com And Mention Job Title in the Subject.
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